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Catharine Rice Biography

Catharine Rice has been a cable and broadband consultant with Action Audits, a North Carolina-based company, for the last six years. In this capacity, she has worked with municipalities in North Carolina and around the country in the administration and enforcement of their local cable franchises, and more recently, in planning and deploying local broadband systems. The more interesting highpoints of her work include working with the City of Wilson in the development and implementation of North Carolina’s first fiber-to-the home system; assisting a rural NC county and its eight rural municipalities challenge Time Warner’s Adelphia Cable purchase when TWC refused to upgrade the local, and very broken, cable system; organizing a state-wide grass-roots, North Carolina movement with SEATOA to block an anti-municipal broadband bill sponsored by the incumbents, and sheparding and organizing North Carolina’s PEG channel operators to obtain passage of a new PEG law in 2008. Prior to joining Action Audits, Catharine served more than ten years as Vice President of the Washington, DC-based municipal-consulting firm, Institute for the Positive Use of Technology, (InPUT). Ms Rice holds a masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications and served as NATOA’s Administrative Officer from 1984-1989.