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NATOA Files Comments in Eighth Broadband Progress NOI

On September 6, NATOA filed comments in the Eighth Broadband Progress Notice of Inquiry (GN Docket No. 11-121) asserting that the FCC should adopt a new, higher minimum broadband speed threshold that will ensure businesses and consumers get the speeds and capacity needed to support the applications they need and want.  In addition, NATOA argues that the threshold should not be static, but rather examined on a yearly basis to better help achieve our country‚Äôs long-term broadband goals.

In addition, NATOA urges the Commission to take steps to make sure broadband data collection and mapping is transparent, verifiable, and updated and corrected in a timely manner.  Improvements to Form 477 and the use of additional sources to obtain broadband deployment and adoption data are necessary to provide a more accurate portrait of broadband availability. 

Also, NATOA suggests that the Commission take steps to establish minimum threshold speeds for wireless broadband.  While such services cannot deliver the speeds and capacity that fiber networks can, their ever-increasing popularity with consumers, especially at thousands of hotspots across the nation, requires the Commission to act.

And finally, NATOA asks the Commission to recommend that Congress take action to remove barriers hindering municipal broadband networks.  In communities where the private sector cannot or will not fill the broadband service gap, local communities should be allowed to build their own networks if providers refuse or are incapable of meeting the communications needs of their residents, businesses, and institutions.

NATOA thanks the tremendous efforts of Tony Perez and Sherry McCuller in putting these comments together.

CLICK here to read the comments.  Reply comments are due October 4.