The Mission of NATOA is to support and serve the communications interests and needs of local governments. We are a professional association made up of individuals and organizations responsible for - or advising those responsible for - communications policies and services in local governments throughout the country.


The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors is the premier local government professional association that provides support to our members on the many local, state, and federal communications laws, administrative rulings, judicial decisions, and technology issues impacting the interests of local governments.  Founded in 1980, we offer a wide range of advocacy services to individual and agency members representing cities, towns, counties and commissions across the country.  NATOA actively analyzes and addresses emerging issues in areas such as local government communications and internet policy; broadband planning best practices; cable franchising; wireless zoning; new technology initiatives and advancements; and operation of public, education and government (PEG) access channels.  

Our membership is predominately composed of local government agencies, local government staff and public officials, as well as consultants, attorneys, and engineers who consult local governments on their telecommunications needs. Our government members have responsibilities that range from cable administration, telecommunications franchising, rights-of-way management and governmental access programming to information technologies and INET planning and management. We have members from not-for-profit organizations whose needs and interests are complementary to those of NATOA’s members and we have members who are vendors to local governments, and telecommunications providers of all types of services to and for local governments.

NATOA offers a variety of services and programs to meet the professional needs of its members while serving as the primary information source for membership.  Professional positions most benefiting from NATOA membership include, but are not limited to:

• City/Town/County Manager/Administrator
• Elected or Public Official
• Executive Director
• Board or Council President and Executive Committee
• City/County/Special District Attorney
• Cable Administrator
• Chief Information Officer/Information Technology Manager
• Telecommunications Specialist
• Planning & Zoning Director
• Planners 
• Local Government Planning/Siting Manager
• Consultant to Local Governments
• Public Works Director and Rights-of-Way Management Manager
• Engineer
• Public Information Manager
• PEG Production Manager
• PEG Station Manager
• Camera Operator
• Information Systems Manager
• Economic Development Manager

We hope that you will explore this site and enjoy. In this area you will find our mission statement, a complete history on our organization, the listing of our Board of Directors and their biographies, a description of our Committees, a copy of our current bylaws, and staff contact information.

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