2013 - 2014 Board of Directors Committee Descriptions

Find information on the mission and objectives of NATOA’s FY2013-14 Committees, including Chairs.

Communications Committee

Chair: Deborah Guthrie,  Mike Lynch and Todd Barnes
Mission: To assist the Executive Director in developing the information to be distributed to the membership in a professional manner and on a regular basis, including public information, marketing, and the NATOA Website.
Membership: Open to all interested members

Community Broadband Committee

Co-Chairs: Lori Sherwood and Brian Roberts
Mission: To be determined.
Membership: Open to all interested members.

Conference Committee

Co-Chairs: Tony Perez and Jodie Miller
Mission: To lead the organization’s planning and development of the annual conference.
Membership: Open to all interested members.
Objectives:  To conduct an educational and engaging national conference; to convene NATOA’s Annual Business Meeting; To bring NATOA’s membership together for networking/fellowship opportunities.

Government Programming Awards Committee

Chair: Keith ReevesJerry Musial and Jeff Lueders
Mission: To manage and enhance the recognition of extraordinary government programming efforts through the Government Programming Awards.
Membership: Open to all interested members.
Objectives: Establish a venue whereby the broad range of government programming can be displayed and critiqued helping entrants to advance the quality of programming they produce.

Member Services Committee

Co-Chairs: Todd Barnes and Tony Perez
Mission: To promote the recruitment and retention of members.
Membership: Open to all interested members.
Objectives:  Retain and add members to the association; Enhance current and develop new member services that will generate revenue to the association.

Multimedia/Programming Committee

Co-Chairs: Jeff Lueders and Hunter George
Mission: To act as a resource for the NATOA membership by addressing issues including programming, technology, TV/Web based integration, and effective content delivery.
Membership: Open to all interested members.
Objectives:  Provide continuing education for programmers and create and support resources for information sharing; Provide resource information and establish partnerships for program information


Policy/Legal Committee

Co-Chairs: Jodie Miller and Mike Lynch
Mission: To recommend a position on legislative, regulatory and policy matters of potential interest to the Association.
Membership: Open to all interested government members and their advisors involved in regulatory/policy matters. Membership is subject to review by the committee chair(s).
Objectives:  Identify key bills, legislative and policy issues and strategy for the NATOA membership; Develop a structured process which will provide an effective mechanism for Analyzing key bills, legislative and policy issues; and Recommending actions which LFAs should adopt; and Drafting model response letters/Op Ed pieces, Resolutions, and talking points for LFAs to utilize to implement NATOA’s advocacy strategy.  Hold meetings each month to secure Committee input, provide issues updates, and address member education on policy and legal matters.  Drafting model response letters/documents for LFAs to utilize to implement actions.  Assist in the planning of the annual Policy and Legal Conference and eNATOA sessions relating to the Policy and Legal agenda.

Sub-Committee: Franchise Renewal Forum

Chair: Coralie Wilson

Public Safety/Homeland Security (Technology) Committee

Co-Chairs: Barry Fraser
Mission: Support NATOA in its goal of being the public safety technology resource for members.
Membership: Open to all interested members.

President Tony Perez serves ex officio on all committees.

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