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Broadband Principles

The National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (NATOA) has adopted and released formal Broadband Principles encouraging the immediate development of a National Broadband Strategy. The ten Broadband Principles, created by a task force of NATOA members, outline the critical need for widespread deployment of next-generation broadband networks and necessary steps to achieve this goal:
• NATOA calls for the immediate nationwide deployment of advanced broadband networks.
• True broadband requires high capacity bandwidth in both directions.
• Fiber to the premises is the preferred broadband option.
• High capacity broadband connectivity must be affordable and widely accessible.
• High capacity broadband requires open access networks.
• Network neutrality is vital to the future of the Internet.
• All networks and users have the right and obligation to non –discriminatory interconnection.
• Local governments must be involved to ensure that local needs and interests are met.
• Local governments must be allowed to build and operate broadband networks.
• A variety of options must be considered to cover deployment costs.
Review the Principles Here.