NATOA Partnerships

One of NATOA’s goals is, “to promote and sustain an active, thriving and diverse organization.”  In that regard, NATOA is building and fostering partnerships and collaborations to provide value-added services to our member communities.  NATOA is proud to be involved in the evolution of so many opportunities sustaining public interest.  Below is a list of congruent partnerships with organizations that share NATOA’s vision for local governments throughout the country.

NATOA has partnered with, a free consumer-focused web service that provides the public and policy-makers with information and news about local broadband availability, competition, speeds and service. Together, we have created a system that will discretely capture individual consumer and local government information and make it available to the public.

DTV Transition Coalition
NATOA is an active member of the coalition, founded on February 28, 2007.  The DTV Transition Coalition comprises business, trade and industry groups as well as grassroots organizations and consumer groups that share a vital interest in a smooth transition.  The mission of the DTV Transition Coalition is to ensure that no consumer loses free full power over-the-air television reception in February 2009 due to a lack of information about the DTV transition.

NATOA has joined this national initiative of public interest, civic and industry groups supporting not only fast and affordable Internet for all citizens but the assurance that the Internet continues to drive U.S. economic growth and prosperity. Internet for Everyone launched in June 2008 with the simultaneous release of One Nation Online, a snapshot of the current state of broadband adoption in the U.S. and the vast digital divide. Internet for Everyone will hold public forums throughout the country to build support for a national broadband policy that restores America’s place as a world technology leader.

National Public Lightpath

NATOA is a member of this coalition formed to advocate for public participation in and ensure community access to the Next Generation Internet, and advise policy makers and government on a national infrastructure strategy for America’s next Internet. NPL is a partnership of the Institute for Next Generation Internet (INGI) at San Francisco State University, the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), and the Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) working to establish the public media community as a leader in Next Generation Internet.

National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA)
NATOA has partnered with NTIA in our on-going educational and outreach efforts regarding the upcoming DTV Transition.  We are working in conjunction with NTIA to inform NATOA’s members about the February 19, 2009 transition and to provide them with available resources for conducting community educational and outreach activities and with respect to the NTIA TV Converter Box Coupon Program.  

U.S. Broadband Coalition

NATOA has joined a broad and diverse array of groups concerned about America’s broadband future to release a National Broadband Strategy Call to Action.  The coalition believes that such a strategy is critical to America’s economic vitality, educational opportunity, public safety, energy efficiency, environmental stability, global competitiveness, and a continuing high quality of life. 

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