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NATOA offers a variety of services and programs to meet the professional needs of its members while serving as the primary information source for membership. Professional positions most benefiting from NATOA membership include, but are not limited to:

  • City/Town/County Manager/Administrator
  • Elected or Public Official
  • Executive Director
  • Board or Council President and Executive Committee
  • City/County/Special District Attorney
  • Cable Administrator
  • CIO/Information Technology Manager
  • Telecommunications Specialist
  • Planning & Zoning Director
  • Local Government Planning/Siting Manager
  • Consultant to Local Governments
  • Public Works Director and ROW Manager
  • Engineer
  • Public Information Manager
  • PEG Production Manager/Station Manager
  • Camera Operator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Economic Development Manager


Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

Your community is well represented on a variety of local government issues on Capitol Hill, at the FCC, and at the state and local level.

Impact: A community’s financial well being and quality of life related to: Communications law and policy; Broadband deployment; Cable franchising; Wireless Zoning Technology; and PEG.

NEW! Sample RFP Database

A compilation of sample RFPs submitted from member jurisdictions

Impact: Don't reinvent the wheel, use this sample RFP database to gather resources to put together a comprehensive RFP to streamline the process.

Regular Communication from NATOA and Members

Stay current on timely policy, legislative and regulatory action at Capitol Hill, the Administration and the FCC, and communities throughout the country.

Impact: You, your elected officials, and your organization will be better prepared to respond and take action to protect your community’s interests

Training & Professional Development

Access to timely, added-value resources including conferences, webinars, publications, and work through NATOA committees in specific subject areas.

Impact: Personal and professional development 

Annual Conference and Awards

Catch up with colleagues, hear from legislators, FCC officials, and industry representatives on the latest news and announcements. Be nationally recognized for your work and efforts. See firsthand the latest technology tailored to local government operations.

Impact: Foster relationships and stay current on news and actions, and gain the right training that will help you perform your position more effectively. Shop for the latest local government related technology tools and obtain referrals from colleagues who use the same tools. 

Daily Educational Opportunities through Private E-Mail Public Member-Only Listservs

Exchange information, ideas, and address challenges. Learn innovative ways and different perspectives to be successful in your position.

Impact: Stay current on the latest FCC, Congressional, state actions, judicial decisions, use of technology innovations, and nationally recognized video programming. Ask a question and get immediate answers from your colleagues all across the country.

Headquarters Staff Assistance and Website

Have access to an award-winning website that offers a variety of exclusive services to its members. Services coming soon include a searchable library, advocacy position papers and testimony templates, Friends of NATOA Coalition documents, and a national video FTP site to share programming.

Impact: Gain the knowledge, training, and technical information to help you do your job better. Stay connected with other members during the year. Get instant answers and model documents to help you be more productive.

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