Membership Information

The mission of NATOA is to support and serve the communications needs and interests of local governments. We are a professional association made up of individuals and organizations responsible for — or advising those responsible for — telecommunications policies and services in local governments throughout the country.

Who Should Join?

That’s an excellent question, but let us pose a few questions for you to consider. Are you, or your agency…

  • Developing communications policies and regulations?
  • Responsible for broadband communications in your community?
  • Managing poles, conduits or rights-of-way issues?
  • Creating programming for an access channel or video stream?
  • Overseeing the provision of communications services within your community?
  • Responsible for oversight for, negotiating or administering cable or video franchises?
  • Advising policy makers on regulatory policy?
  • Monitoring industry and government issues?
  • Responsible for or advising those responsible for public safety communications?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions, then NATOA can help. We promote community interests in communications and can serve as an excellent resource of knowledge and information.

Download NATOA’s Membership Brochure here

You are invited to join NATOA. There are several ways to join.

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All members receive access to:

  • Online Membership Directory
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Discounted Registration Rates to all conferences and educational training
  • Discounted GPA Entry Fees
  • Discounted Publication Rates
  • Access to the appropriate Members Only Areas of the website

2024 Membership Rates

Individual - $735

     Population 0 - 25,000 - $795
     Population -25,001 - 50,000 - $970
     Population 50,001 - 250,000 - $1,455
     Population 250,001 - 1 Million - $1,630
     Population 1 Million + - $1,825

    Non-Profit - $690
    For Profit - $1,700

Student - $30


Possible candidates in this category include government employees from a municipal, county, regional or state authority. Agency members are allowed three individuals, including the primary member, who receive membership benefits. Only the primary contact, however, has voting privileges.

Agency members who wish to list more than three individuals to receive member benefits may add additional members to the membership at a per person cost.

Please contact NATOA Headquarters for assistance joining as an Agency member.

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Individual Members include those who are employed or retained by a state or local government, including elected or appointed officials, who do not represent the industry. Individual members are also attorneys and consultants that primarily represent local governments. Individual members receive voting privileges and may join the Members list serve.

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Associate Members include those who are industry retained, students, government or access center employees.

  • Associate Non-Profit: Those who are employed by not for profit organizations, including access centers. Members in this category may join the Member's list serve.
  • Associate-For-Profit: Those who are employed by for profit organizations, including law firms or corporations serving industry.
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Open to any individual registered full time and attending an institution of higher learning.  Student members are not eligible to receive voting privileges or join the member list serve.

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