Member Success Stories

The City of Denton and our team has benefitted with our exposure to NATOA because we have a better understanding of the programming being produced as well as what our peers are doing across the country related to best practices. Simply put, this engagement has made us better. Our membership in NATOA also strengthens the City’s ability to properly navigate complex communication issues.
-Billy Matthews, DTV Manager, City of Denton, TX
NATOA has helped us tremendously in finding a network of state and municipal government representatives with similar interests and challenges.
-Bradford Ham, Assistant City Solicitor, City of Philadelphia, PA
Cable franchising and telecommunications legislation and regulation have always been extremely dynamic, which means we were often making it up as we went. Having a group of colleagues going through the same experiences and being able to share information and ideas has been critical throughout my career. So, my organizations got the benefit not only of my expertise, but of colleagues’ expertise from around the country. In addition, having my commissioners attend NATOA conferences provided them with a bigger picture and more context for what we were doing. And third, NATOA’s representation of local government interests before Congress and the FCC is incredibly important to maintaining our authority over the public rights-of-way.
-Coralie Wilson, former Executive Director, North Suburban Communications Commission, MN
NATOA is an amazing resource -- webinars that are informative and educational and an annual conference that brings the best in the country to share expertise. NATOA gives you the avenue and resources for nationwide networking and outreach. They keep on top of issues around the country and are a well-respected organization.
-Dennis Rafftery, Government Programming Manager, Northern Dakota County Cable Communications Commission (NDC4), MN
NATOA’s ongoing educational opportunities in a broad range of topic areas with access to experts who willingly share their knowledge have been invaluable to my professional development. These things aren’t taught in college. They happen through on the job training with NATOA providing the opportunity to learn and network with my counterparts all across the country. NATOA helps me keep well-informed of the dynamic changes in the communications industry and local, state, and national regulatory environment in which we operate.
-Rondella Hawkins, Director, Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs, City of Austin TX
NATOA has saved the hide of our communities because of the strength of the organization. As a one-person program, which has prevailed in five legal challenges, there is simply no way I would have survived, let alone my program.
-Pam Berrian, Franchise Manager, Information Technology, City of Eugene, Oregon 
NATOA has been an invaluable resource on communications issues for my legal practice and for many of my clients for decades. Without NATOA, municipalities would be at a severe disadvantage.
-Brian Grogan, Moss & Barnett, Administrator and Legal Counsel for the Southwest Suburban Cable Commission, MN
NATOA provides camaraderie with like minded folks laboring in the field of communications who place service of the common good above that of their own.
-Michael Watza, Principal, Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook, MI
My first NATOA gathering was the one in South Beach in September 2001. No one who was there will ever forget that experience, and it was quite an introduction. As a city attorney I have many other local issues to attend to, so I appreciate the expertise, nationwide contacts, and information that NATOA can provide. I also especially appreciate the sincere passion and creativity the members bring to the table every time. Governments need NATOA now more than ever.
-Lisa Lynn Veith, City Attorney, City of St. Paul, MN 
As director of communications, NATOA provides the resources for me to stay current on the latest trends for the operation of our government access channel. With the expectation of local governments to do more with less, it is critical for me to stay connected with PIOs and government access programmers across the country for ideas on how to deliver the best programming on a limited budget.
-Kelli Narde, Communications Director, City of Littleton, CO