What We Do

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NATOA Strategic Goals 2024

Core Activities

Formal Advocacy on the Hill, in the Courts and at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

NATOA is highly respected and regarded by members of Congress and the FCC as a major voice and key advisor regarding local government perspectives and the public interest. We continuously collaborate with key legislators and FCC commissioners and staff to ensure NATOA’s voice is heard and our positions are considered. As a trade organization, NATOA facilitates our ability to pool resources in order to make an impact in a world where the industry is able to spend exponentially more than local governments will ever be able to afford. In addition to utilizing the talent of its members, NATOA cooperates with colleague organizations such as National League of Cities (NLC), United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), National Association of Counties (NACo), and Alliance for Community Media (ACM).

Annual Conferences

The NATOA Annual Conference is the premier local government conference for elected and appointed officials, and professionals who share oversight over communications and cable policy and regulation, legislative review and advocacy, public rights-of-way management and compensation, wireless facilities zoning and siting, information and technology, and PEG programming. The annual conference enables participants to review major policy and legal changes and developments, review technical advancements both in the context of using new technology to benefit local communities and in local government enforcement obligations, understand key issues, network, and conduct association business.

Education and Professional Development

Our monthly eNATOA webinars offer a high-quality learning experience to NATOA members and supporters, including those with limited technology access. Expand your knowledge on the latest trends, policy and innovations, stay current in your profession and take charge of your career.

Government Programming Awards Program (GPAs)

The NATOA GPA competition is the largest of its kind recognizing excellence in broadcast, cable, multimedia and electronic programming produced by local government entities. Categories cover a variety of programming including, community events, documentary, public affairs and public service, interview/talk show, performing arts, sports, election coverage and children’s issues.

Community Broadband & Digital Equity Awards (CBDE)

In recognition of the role of local government in broadband technology, NATOA proudly honors outstanding individuals and projects that seek to improve government and public options in broadband technology. This exceptional awards program highlights some of the many extraordinary efforts going on at the local level to bring the benefits of advanced technology to American communities.

State Chapters

NATOA has a nationwide network of State and Regional Chapters whose members reflect NATOA's mission in their home states and local communities. NATOA assists chapters in their networking, education, and advocacy efforts at local and state levels.