Policy & Legal Committee

Participation is open to all interested government members and their advisors involved in regulatory/policy matters. Membership is subject to review and approval by the committee chair(s).

Mission: To recommend a position on legislative, regulatory and policy matters of potential interest to the Association.


  • Identify key bills, legislative and policy issues and strategy for the NATOA membership

  • Develop a structured process which will provide an effective mechanism for Analyzing key bills, legislative and policy issues; and Recommending actions which LFAs should adopt

  • Draft model response letters/Op Ed pieces, Resolutions, and talking points for LFAs to utilize to implement NATOA’s advocacy strategy.

  • Hold monthly meetings to secure Committee input, provide issues updates, and address member education on policy and legal matters

  • Draft model response letters/documents for LFAs to utilize to implement actions

  • Assist in the planning of educational sessions relating to the Policy and Legal agenda.

Policy Committee and Subcommittees

Daniel S. Cohen
Daniel S. Cohen
Attorney Cohen Law Group (412)447-0130
Mike J. Lynch
Mike J. Lynch
Director, Broadband & Digital Equity City of Boston (617)635-2737
Reba Crocker
Reba Crocker
President ROW Consultants LLC (503)724-0766
Rights-of-Way Subcommittee Chair
Jeffrey P Lueders
Jeffrey P Lueders
Cable Comm & Franchise Services Manager City of Tacoma (253)591-5727
Franchising Subcommittee Chair

2020 Accomplishments:

In 2020, NATOA submitted at least 16 filings with the Federal Communications Commission in over 10 different dockets, including:

  • Comments and Reply Comments re: WT Docket No. 19-250
  • Joint Letter, joined by NLC, USCM, NACo and NATaT, re: WT Docket No. 19-250
  • Letters opposing further preemption of local authority re: WT Docket No. 19-71) 
  • Joint Reply Comments re: RF emissions questions and concerns often raised by residents (ET Docket No. 19-226)
  • Comments opposing the FCC’s proposal re: elimination of advance notice prior to any service changes (MB Docket No. 17-105)
  • Reply Comments urging rules for subscriber bills clarity (CC Docket No. 98-170; WC Docket No. 04-36)
  • Comments opposing industry request for the FCC to resolve a ROW dispute in several MO communities (WC Docket No. 20-46)
  • Joint Letter to the FCC re: additional assistance for the COVID-19 crisis (WC 13-184; WC 18-213)

NATOA also participated is multiple legal challenges to FCC orders, including:

  • Intervened in litigation challenging the FCC’s 621 Order (City of Eugene, et al. v. FCC)
  • Intervened in litigation challenging the FCC’s declaratory ruling on wireless facility modifications (League of California Cities, et al v. FCC)
  • Worked with municipal Petitioners and Intervenors on next steps in challenge to FCC’s 2018 small cell Orders after 9th Circuit’s decision in Portland v. FCC

In addition, NATOA:

  • Met with the incoming Biden administration’s FCC agency review team
  • Held numerous meetings with FCC staff 
  • Provided members with FCC order summaries, templates, talking points and instructions for filing comments and ex parte letters
  • Represented local governments on the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee and its Disaster Response and Recovery Working Group  
  • Worked with Senator Klobuchar’s office on a draft bill to provide funding for broadband projects, among other legislative efforts
  • Coordinated discussions with industry and local governments to address local permitting during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Drafted, with NLC, a resource for local governments to assist with permitting during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Conducted a survey for local governments regarding telecommunications permitting and work in the rights-of-way
2021 Meetings & Events:
  • January Policy Committee: Wednesday, 1/6, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • January Franchising Subcommittee: Thursday, 1/21, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • February Policy Committee: Wednesday, 2/3, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • February Rights-of-Way Subcommittee: Thursday, 2/18, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • March Policy Committee: Wednesday, 3/3, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • March Franchising Subcommittee: Thursday, 3/18, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • April Policy Committee: Wednesday, 4/7, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • April Rights-of-Way Subcommittee: Thursday, 4/15, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • May Policy Committee: Wednesday, 5/5, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • May Franchising Subcommittee: Thursday, 5/20, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • June Policy Committee: Wednesday, 6/2, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • June Rights-of-Way Subcommittee: Thursday, 6/17, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • July Policy Committee: Wednesday, 7/7, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • July Franchising Subcommittee: Thursday, 7/15, 2:00 PM Eastern

  • August Policy Committee: Tuesday, 8/4, 3:00 PM Eastern

  • August Rights-of-Way Subcommittee: Thursday, 8/19, 2:00 PM Eastern