Broadband Services Program Analyst - City of Alexandria. VA

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Broadband Program Analyst

"Preserving the Past, while Innovating our Future!"

The City of Alexandria is located in northern Virginia and is bordered by the District of Columbia (Potomac River), Arlington, and Fairfax counties. With a population of approximately 150,000 and a land area of 15.75 square miles, Alexandria is the seventh largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Approximately one-quarter of the City's square miles have been designated as a national or local historic district. Several buildings in these districts are monuments to the past, while being actively used by citizens for homes, businesses, and museums. We proudly embrace our rich history and seize the endless opportunities that lie ahead. If you are interested in working for the vibrant City of Alexandria, we invite qualified candidates to apply for our Broadband Services Director

What we do and how we do it is driven by our 4 Guiding Principles:

  • Aligning the work we do with our strategic plan
  • Executing against our strategy and ensuring accountability for our results
  • Promoting and encouraging a culture of leadership and ownership at all levels of the organization
  • Promoting a culture of service excellence, creativity, and entrepreneurship

About the Department

The Information Technology Services Department is responsible for enterprise technology operations for the City of Alexandria.  ITS provides technology services and solutions to City departments to enhance service delivery.  ITS aligns its work with City needs by providing leadership, resources, expertise, and products that enable departments to better serve the City's residents, businesses, and visitors. ITS resources support initiatives funded through the multi-year Information Technology Capital Improvement Plan (IT/CIP) to improve the overall technology landscape.  The City of Alexandria's ITS Department has been a Top Ten National Finalist in the Digital Cities Award program for the past 13 consecutive years.

An Overview

The Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) is seeking a Broadband Services Program Analyst to assist the City’s fiber team in managing ongoing broadband and municipal fiber efforts, and in defining the City’s long term broadband strategy. This position will work with partner agencies within the City on coordinating City fiber infrastructure projects and identifying opportunities to cost effectively expand the City’s fiber footprint.  

  • Participate in the development and execution of the City’s long-term broadband strategy
  • Assist the department’s ongoing municipal fiber construction and operations
  • Facilitate additional broadband consumer choice for the community by encouraging use of the City’s rights-of-way by broadband providers through franchise agreements
  • Patriciate in Identing negotiating and implementing working agreements among broadband providers seeking to expand their broadband footprints in the city
  • Partner with other City agencies on digital equity initiatives
  • Assist in coordination of all City Fiber implementation activities among multiple City departments to address a variety of City needs including smart cities, Internet of Things, and regional public safety integration
  • Identify and evaluate joint build opportunities to expand the City’s fiber network with various private providers installing fiber within Alexandria
  • Identify potential lease agreements for fiber assets
  • Do independent research to keep abreast of emerging broadband technology trends
  • Maintain current knowledge of laws and regulations regarding state and national broadband policy and their impacts on City fiber initiatives; and advising the City’s legislative liaison on the City’s positions regarding future and pending broadband regulations
  • Performing other duties as assigned


Degree in business administration, public administration, government, engineering, economics, political science, research methodology, social science, or related field. Three (3) years of experience in the public or private sector working as a policy analyst, or a similar position, utilizing analytical research and problem-solving skills in the area of broadband development and implementation.

  1. Is it a full-time temporary position?.   In other words, Is it an independent contractor position with a certain limit on the per hour fee charge (40 hours a week required), or is it a full time position, with a regular salary and benefits, but only for 2 years? This is a Randstad contractor position with 40hr work weeks. Candidates should submit resumes to Jennifer Roddy Selden,
  1. Does it allow for remote work? This position allows for remote work