Director of Communications - City of Virginia Beach, VA

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The Director of Communications will provide strategic guidance and oversight to a team of media, communications, and creative service professionals in a largely decentralized organizational model; create and administer the City communication plan(s) to promote City initiatives, foster a culture of engagement, maximize communications resources/impacts, and ensure a unified city message.

Representative work functions include but are not limited to:

  • Provide leadership, staff development/supervision, resource allocation/management and long range planning for the Public Affairs and Engineering Group and Creative Services.
  • Provide direct support and coach executive staff in interacting and responding to the media, developing communication strategies, responding to emergencies and managing issues.
  • Develop, actualize, and maintain an organizational Communications Plan.
  • Facilitate communication throughout a decentralized communications network and coordinate the implementation of unified City messages.
  • Support major city initiatives to build community awareness, provide consistent communications support, and in partnership with other departments, create a culture of transparency.
  • Facilitate a culture of strong community engagement that connects the public to the City.
  • Develop comprehensive informational campaigns on major issues and projects.
  • Develop strong, collaborative relationships and represent the City and the City Manager on various teams, boards, task forces, and committees within and outside the organization.
  • Manage the liaison function between City officials and the media (local, state and national).
  • Provide oversight of corporate communications vehicles and equipment.
  • Coordinate the City’s Joint Information Center during emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Perform research, analysis and coordination of special projects which may involve interaction with citizen groups, outside government agencies or local business interests.
  • Oversee cable franchise agreement.

**As a City Manager appointee, this position serves at the pleasure of the City Manager and is not considered part of the merit service as defined in City Code, section 2-75.

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Minimum Requirements:

Requires a degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Public Administration, or related field and eight (8) years of experience in fields utilizing the required knowledge, skills, and abilities; or any combination of education (above the high school level) and/or experience and training equivalent to twelve (12) years in fields utilizing the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Additional Requirements:

  • DMV Transcript:  Required
  • CDL:  Not Required                                       
  • DOT History:  Not Required                                                 
  • CPS Check:  Not Required
  • Physical:  Not Required    
  • Respirator:  Not Required
  • Polygraph Review:  Not Required
  • Psychological Screening:  Not Required

Attachments Required:  Resume and cover letter; please attach both as Word or PDF documents

Preferences:  Preferred qualifications include a master’s degree in marketing, public relations, communications or a related field; 15 years of progressive experience in government or corporate communications; experience providing leadership oversight to a team responsible for branding, promotion, social media engagement, and media relations.

Special Instructions:  Please note that this position will be open until filled; however, the initial review of candidates will occur by October 3rd and any applications received after that date will only be reviewed if the pool needs to be enlarged.

  • Please complete the application in its entirety. The application is the primary required document used to screen qualifications and years of experience. A resume does not replace a completed application. Fields on the application left blank, including but not limited to job duties, dates of employment, and hours worked, may cause your application to be incomplete. 
  • You will not be able to access the details of this job ad once the closing date has passed.   If you would like to retain this information, please   take a screen shot or  print using your browser's printing capability.
  • ​Your responses to any "Supplemental Questions", if attached to this requisition, must be supported by the information you give us in the work experience section of this application. Be sure you are thorough in describing your skills and duties as you complete the work experience section. If the information cannot be verified you will not receive credit. 
  • Please provide a copy of any certifications or related professional licenses. 

VRS Contribution:   All full-time employees are required to contribute 5% of annual salary toward their retirement account; in accordance with VRS retirement provisions. This will be handled through a pre-tax payroll deduction