Right-Of-Way Coordinator

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The Right-of-Way Coordinator is responsible for the development, administration and enforcement of rights-of-way utility ordinances and existing utility franchises including but not limited to solid waste, electrical, natural gas, cable television and telecommunications. Uses federal, state, and local laws, and policies to regulate and manage uses of local public rights-of-way. This position manages and monitors compliance with City Code, and existing franchise agreements. Coordinates negotiations with new or renewing franchise entities and monitors local control of rights-of-way issues.

Duties and Responsibilities:

(Tasks listed are intended to be descriptive and not restrictive.  An employee in this classification may perform any of the tasks listed; however, these examples do not include all the tasks which an employee may be expected to perform.)

  • Act as the City's primary contact for companies using the rights-of-way for all purposes other than construction permits. 
  • Document and monitor utility right-of-way activities, research and develop recommendations supporting the most coordinated, and efficient utility company public rights-of-way use.
  • Monitor the status and accuracy of usage fees and franchise payments to the City including arranging for and management of franchisee audits when applicable.
  • Identify and document franchise agreement issues and investigate and resolve customer concerns that may affect the City and community relating to use of the rights-of-way by license or agreement and compliance. 
  • Address new franchise utility applications, research, and develop initial franchise proposals for negotiating new franchise agreements. 
  • Develop a framework for negotiations and renewal of franchise agreements. 
  • Assist City Attorney's Office on private utility issues involving potential litigation.
  • Serve as City liaison to boards, commissions, or other organizations and community groups related to private utility activities, and services. 
  • Perform advanced technical and professional administration of right-of-way contracts including the negotiations, maintenance and administer the right-of-way transactions
  • Develops safe work habits and contributes to the safety of self, co-workers, and the public.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Job Specifications:

Knowledge of:

  • Workflows, data collection, processing, and analysis related to rights-of-way and contract management administration. 
  • Procurement practices, from procurement planning to contract closeout. 
  • Common office productivity software sufficient to develop presentations and simulations. 
  • Utility infrastructure and other utility features to support field crews in maintenance, data collection, and reporting. 
  • Sufficient math skills to perform cost, and statistical calculations, record distances and geographic measures, and economic/budget analysis. 
  • Document files and drawings, contract and bid language. 

Skills and Abilities to:

  • Work cooperatively with all citizens. 
  • Work as contributing member of a team, work productively and cooperatively with other teams and external customers, and convey a positive image of the City and its services. 
  • Work independently. 
  • Maintain expertise and understanding in federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to franchise utility services, public rights-of-way and public contracting. 
  • Develop clear and concise written and verbal analysis, reports and recommendations for review by City administration, elected officials, local regulatory committees, and various community groups summarizing technical issues contract provisions and supporting documents.
  • Work with stakeholders and customers to encourage and implement changes for the coordinated use of public rights-of-way.  
  • Develop and maintain effective work relationships with coworkers, representatives from private businesses, franchise utility providers, public agencies, citizens, and elected officials. 
  • Promote and enhance diversity. 
  • Perform detailed work thoroughly, neatly, accurately and efficiently. 
  • Perform a variety of tasks including producing maps through applications designed by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff, and to read and interpret maps, aerial photographs, mapping coordinates, survey documents, and legal documents containing boundary information, right-of-way information, as-built documents, standard field notes, engineering and construction drawings, and technical specifications.
  • Conduct field data collection and inspections.

Required Education, Training and Experience:
(Any combination of education and experience that has provided the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential duties of this position.  Prior work experience and educational requirements listed are typical ways of obtaining the required qualifications.  Other equivalent combinations of education, training and experience will be considered.) 

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, or a related field. 
  • Three (3) years of independent work experience in public rights-of-way management, preferably with a public agency or a franchise utility service company, or in a similar capacity working in energy distribution, telecommunication and/or cable television services.

Licensing/Special Requirements:
Possession of a valid driver’s license or an acceptable alternative method of transportation which allows the incumbent to perform the duties of the position. 

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