Infrastructure Bill Passes House

Top Issues,

The House passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684), which President Biden is expected to sign into law shortly.  The Act provides $65 billion for broadband-related projects including, among other things


  • $42.45 billion available to states that apply for funds for grant programs for deployment, data collection/mapping, provision of affordable broadband to multi-family buildings and broadband adoption programs. 
  • $2.75 billion under the Digital Inclusion Act, which includes two new grant programs, the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program and Digital Equity Competitive Grant Program, focused on digital inclusion.
  • $14.2 billion to provide a $30-a-month voucher to low-income Americans to pay for internet service (which is an extension of the EBB program though with lower monthly subsidies).
  • $1 billion for middle mile infrastructure.
  • $2 billion for USDA rural broadband construction programs (primarily ReConnect).