NATOA Files Comments in Cable Notice NPRM

Top Issues,

On February 6th, NATOA filed comments objecting to the FCC’s NPRM proposing to change or eliminate the current rule requiring cable operators to give 30 days’ advance notice to local franchising authorities before making service or rate changes, as well as the proposal to allow cable operators to notify subscribers and LFAs after (rather than 30 days before) a channel goes dark due to failed retransmission consent negotiations. You can find the comments here.

Best Best & Krieger filed comments on behalf of the Texas Coalition of Cities for Utilities Issues, the Cities of Boston, Massachusetts, Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California as well as Montgomery County and Howard County, Maryland, also objecting to the proposals, which you can find here.

NCTA, ACA Connects and Altice filed comments in support of the proposed changes. Verizon supported the change to notices during retransmission consent negotiations but did not address the LFA notice issue (outside the context of these negotiations).

Reply comments are due February 21st.