NATOA Files Comments in FCC OTARD NPRM

Top Issues,

June 17, 2019 was the deadline to file reply comments in the OTARD NPRM. There was a strong local government response, including:

  • NATOA and NLC's Reply
  • Reply from USCM, a coalition of Texas municipalities, Dallas, Boston, LA, Fountain Valley, CA, Piedmont, CA, Montgomery County, Gaithersburg, MD and Howard County, MD
  • San Francisco Reply
  • Reply from Oklahoma City, Sioux Falls, SD, North Metro Telecommunications Commission (MN), Ramsey Washington Suburban Cable Commission (MN), North Suburban Communications Commission (MN), South Washington County Telecommunications Commission (MN), Edmond, Oklahoma, Northern Dakota County Cable Communications Commission (MN), Coon Rapids, Minnesota
  • CCUA Reply (Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance – CO chapter of NATOA)
  • WATOA Reply (WA chapter of NATOA)

Anyone who did not yet file in the docket may file ex parte letters expressing concerns with the proposed rules. Contact Nancy Werner with any questions.