NATOA Joins Boston and Texas Coalition in Comments on Broadband Labels

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NATOA joined the City of Boston and the Texas Coalition for Utility Issues (TCCFUI) in filing reply comments on the FCC’s proposed broadband consumer labels.  The filing describes how the Commission can ensure the broadband labels, which are required by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, are clear and transparent and thus serve as a valuable tool for consumers as they navigate the broadband marketplace. Specifically, Boston, TCCFUI and NATOA’s filing strongly supports the implementation of the broadband labels developed in 2016, but including:

  1. the addition of minor modifications accounting for meaningful content, such as the Affordable Connectivity Program, as well as for notification procedures;
  2. a machine-readable, standardized format;
  3. display location requirements on an ISP’s website, consumers’ monthly bills and other communications; and
  4. a requirement that includes options for viewing the broadband labels in multiple languages and in a manner that is accessible to persons with disabilities.

The comments further recommend that the Commission seek additional public input on the type of information, beyond that required in the proposed label, that would be helpful to consumers.