Register for NATOA's 2021 Conference



Registration for NATOA 2021 has launched! Next year’s conference will take place September 21 – 23, 2021 on a device near you. In the best interest of our members and our organization, the conference will once again be fully virtual. The NATOA Board of Directors came to the decision to stay virtual based on key tenets of NATOA:

Education: This year’s virtual conference brought you the same in-person, jam-packed educational opportunities but in an environment that enables 1) live and on-demand viewing, 2) more personalized interaction with the experts and 3) archived content that allows for replay at your convenience. Expect that and more in 2021.

Opportunity: Eliminating travel, hotel, transportation and meal costs opens the door for greater member participation. One-third of our conference attendees this year were first-time attendees BECAUSE the conference was virtual. Our mission is to “support and serve” you. Our virtual conference is enabling that outreach.

Availability: Travel budgets have been decimated due to the pandemic – for the foreseeable future. We don’t know when those will bounce back and frankly, we don’t want to risk you missing out on education paramount to your work. Our virtual conference will eliminate unnecessary travel expenses, time away from the office and calendar conflicts. We’re bringing the professional development and networking to your doorstep.

Peace of Mind: Perhaps this isn’t a “key tenet of NATOA,” but it certainly has become paramount to our activities and actions this year. It is questionable when travel will be allowed or even encouraged, not to mention when our comfort levels will be where they once were. The 2021 virtual conference will bring you the interaction, mentoring and networking that we all love but in an environment that mitigates concern and exposure. It’s simply the right thing to do in these times.

While nothing can fully replace the energy of meeting face to face, we look forward to meeting and learning in the best way possible given the current circumstances. We’re in the early stages of planning an unforgettable event and conference registration is open! If you have professional development funds available to use now, register today to guarantee your spot. You won’t want to miss it and we don’t want to miss “seeing” you there.

We’re heading back to Denver for our 2022 conference where we will all be together again, when the time is right