NATOA Files Comments in FCC’s Digital Discrimination Docket  

Top Issues,

NATOA filed comments in response to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on prevention and elimination of digital discrimination.  The NOI will lay the groundwork for a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to address section 60506 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which requires the FCC to adopt rules, not later than two years after enactment of the Act, “to facilitate equal access to broadband internet access service.”  Among other obligations associated with this provision, the FCC must “develop model policies and best practices that can be adopted by States and localities to ensure that broadband internet access service providers do not engage in digital discrimination.”

NATOA’s comments made three main points:

  1. While section 60506 does not grant the Commission unlimited authority, to meet the goals of that section, the Commission should ensure that its rules and policies broadly address all issues that impact equitable access to broadband, including affordability.
  2. Local governments are essential partners in addressing digital and deployment discrimination. Work by local governments to address digital discrimination and prevent redlining serve as examples for the Commission in implementing section 60506.  
  3. The Commission should not just enact new rules in this docket, but also revisit policies that may have inhibited efforts to address digital discrimination or may interfere with future efforts to achieve the goals of section 60506.  

Reply Comments are due by June 30th in Docket No. GN 22-69.