Win a $500 Gift Card: Member-Get-A-Member Campaign


NATOA Announces 2024 Membership Campaign

Earn $$$ for every new member you bring to NATOA plus the opportunity to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card!

WHAT IS IT? We're looking to grow our NATOA membership by 5% in 2024 and we need your help. Our members are connected to hundreds of other professionals that work on telecommunications issues for communities across the United States, and we'd like you to invite them to get involved.

WHEN IS IT? March 13th - August 15th

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? It's easy! Simply refer a colleague to join NATOA. Be sure to have your friend include your name in their online sign-up form under "Referred by."

WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? You will receive a $100 credit on your 2025 NATOA Membership Dues Invoice for each referral (up to 3). In addition, you'll be entered in our prize drawing that will be held in Charleston at the 2024 Annual Conference. You'll also be helping NATOA serve its mission by having a strong membership base.

RULES: New members only for referrals (a new member is anyone that has not been a member of NATOA since at least January 2022). Must be present at the 2024 Annual Conference to win the prize drawing.